News: 2015

The Proensa Guide is now available. This time the Capçanes cellar presents four wines. Cabrida 2013:  95 p. Fine, fruity, mineral, balanced, alive and tasty. Mas Tortó 2013: 91 p. Consistent and fresh; suggestive. Fine, fruity, floral, balsamic and spicy. Balanced, solid and alive.
The ABC guide has arrived before the end of the year . Peraj Ha'abib and the Pinot wines  always making a difference. Peraj Ha'abib 2013: 93p. In the mid palete, the sum of all possible perfections. Well Integrated. Fruity taste and purity. It is impossible to mention all the aromas we find. Pinot Noir 8/X 2013: 92 p. More different than usual. More volume and body. More flavor.
KFWF, Kosher Food & Wine Festival Miami
KFWF, Kosher Food & Wine Festival Miami. One last event before the end of the year. The 15th of December Capçanes kosher wines participated in the Kosher Food & Wine Festival in Miami.
A year of hard and rewarding work is finally coming to an end. Now is the time to relax and enjoy a glass of wine.  The Capçanes cellar wishes you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
VIP Adventure, Vertical Tasting, Miami.
VIP Adventure, Vertical tasting, Miami. On the second night, we did a vertical tasting with our famous Kosher wine Peraj Ha'abib, celebrating its 20 years. A great experience!
Beit David Highland Lakes Shul
Capçanes is on the move once again! This time in Miami, the first stop was at the Beit David Highland Lakes Shul Community A tasting led by Jürgen Wagner our winemaker at the Capçanes cellar.
An article byJuan Fernández Cuesta
Juan Fernandez Cuesta, dedicates an article to Capçanes, writting about the kosher wine process and also about our Peraj Ha'abib wine tasting realized in the Barcelona Jewish quarter. Below the article
Today the Diari de Tarragona writes about Peraj Ha'abib and our 20 years of  Kosher wine making . An article well worth reading. Below you'll find an image of the newspaper and the link.
A Report about our Kosher wines
On November 1st the television crew visited Capçanes, to film a video to explain  how the Kosher wine is produced. Bellow you will find the link.
At the Barcelona Jewish quarter
Celebrating the 20 years of Peraj Ha'abib! On November the 30th, Capçanes celebrated 20 years of the making of the Peraj Ha'abib Kosher wine. 20 years which have been full of enthusiasm, hard work, and anecdotes. It was a great day at the Barcelona Jewish quarter. Professional wine tasters and the Kosher wine lovers, enjoyed the wine evolution over the last 20 years in two different vertical tastings. We will wait for 20 years longuer!