Guía ABC de los vinos de España

94 points for Peraj Ha'abib 2014!

Great scores and great comments by Juan Fernandez Cuesta in La Guía ABC de los vinos de España.

  • Peraj Ha'abib 2014: 94 points. A magnificent one, although its aromas do not forcast what comes next. Well known, it stands out for its flavor, length and power. Among the excellent ones.
  • 9 / X Pinot Noir 2014: 93 points. It is different, perhaps not to everyone's liking, conveying notes of low mountain and balsam. However, it is excellent, very fine and different from others.
  • Mas Tortó 2014: 93 points. Freshness above all things. Selection of fruit, knowledge, intention and certain wisdom. Cheerful, calm spirit and a very nice ending.