A luxury pairing
The Diari deTarragona describes the pairing of La Nit de les Garnatxes as "a luxury pairing". One more year in the Celler de Capçanes we will reach the stars, thanks to the tapas elaborated by the Michelin Star restaurants Villa Retiro from Xerta and Les Moles from Ulldecona.
¡Armonías perfectas en la 11ª Nit de les Garnatxes! El artículo de Evan Vicens para nos recuerda las palabras de Joan M. Sabaté, gerente en el Celler de Capçanes: "Una noche es bella cuando hay estrellas" y por eso en Capçanes lo tomamos en serio y nuestros maridajes brillarán esa noche. Garnacha de Panal: con cucurucho de pimentón con anguila ahumada y tomacó ( "maridaje por contraste", decía la sumiller) ( Restaurante Les Moles)
He has dedicated his artistic work to the Celler de Capçanes
This year in the 11th Nit de les Garnatxes, we have a talented artist  named Valentin J. Martin. Born in Frankfurt am Main Germany He studied Communication Design, lives and works in Wiesbaden, Germany. A series of large-format images have been produced as Artprints on Dibond in limited editions. His artistic work expresses the continuous visual positioning of the present times where changes are occurring very fast. People; Cities; skyscraper; Silhouettes and facades, are all well known designs.
The next 28th of April
The next  28th of April, friday night, the11th edition of La Nit de les Garnatxes, will be held . We will wait for you at 11:00 PM at the Celler de Capçanes. This year involving two Michelin star restaurants : Restaurants: Les Moles. Villa Retiro. Guests cellars from the Conca de Barberà DO:
Gold for the Celler de Capçanes!
Gold for the Celler de Capçanes! This year we are celebrating that we have been considered "the revelation winery of the year " according to the prestigious Gilbert & Gaillard Competition. A tasting held by:  François Gilber, founder of Gilbert Gaillard, Evelyn Israel,  winemaker and wine critic, also by Sylvain Patard, editor and wine critic.
Annual Pesach Kosher Wine Buying Guide
The Celler de Capçanes is again in the top list  of the  Yossie Horwitz annual Pesach Kosher Wine Buying Guide. A guide that will help Kosher wine lovers to choose the wine that best suits their tastes and needs. In the section of the top wines are different vintages of our emblematic Peraj Ha'abib kosher wine. For further information:
Capçanes on the road again
From Prowein we went to the Wine & Sugar fair in Chengdu, China, . Accompanied by the great team of Hispanobodegas, we had the opportunity to share with the Asian public the essence of our land expressed in the Celler de Capçanes wines! The maximum expression of one grape variety, the Grenache and its terroir.
This time the Celler de Capçanes went to Madrid. Our sommelier Xavier Castellet  was present with our top wines at the famous tasting "Cata por parejas" organized by Vilaviniteca. This year celebrating a decade of editions!
The Celler de Capçanes team have spent a few intense days in Düsseldorf. We started saturday 18th at the Show Rooms organized by our distributors and ended on tuesday 21th after three days at the Prowein fair. As every year the Celler de Capçanes proved that it is a reference winery without frontiers! Bellow you will find some pictures.
Especial "Costa Dorada, con espíritu medieval"
The journalist Oscar Checa Algarra in his article "Costa Dorada, with medieval spirit" at the Viajeros magazine, has dedicated a special article to his visit to the Capçanes cellar. The state tourism agency seeks to promote cultural tourism, generating a route from the coast of Tarragona to the inland regions. A tour of history and our traditions; with the wine and our territory.