Mas Donis Olive Oil

Tasting note:

 Medium-high intensity, green and fruity. On flavor we can find the typical aromas of arbequina variety, freshly cut grass, tomato, almonds and green walnuts. In taste it’s pleasantly, quite spicy and sweet, with slight bitterness and astringency. It’s well balanced.


90% Arbequina
10% Morrut , Farga and Rojal.

  The majority are between 200- 250 years old

Using manual tools or semi mechanical tools

The same day of the picking the olives are taken to the mill, where the leaves and other scraps are separated, the olives are washed and grinded using a hammer mill. After it macerated for 1,5h in a low temperature and the solid part and the liquid is separated. The liquid is put into a centrifuge to separate off the water. The olive oil is then stored in stainless steel tanks. At last before bottling a soft filtering is done.

Acidity: 0.2% P/P Oleic acid.

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