Ranci de Capçanes

Tasting note:

Mahogany color with golden highlights.
A traditional wine from the Aragon crown with an oxidative wine character, aged using the soleras system.

Food pairing: 

With desserts such as:  Nuts, merengue, coulant..
Ideal for cooking all kinds of meats: roasts and casseroles.

Grape varieties: 


Maceration: 20 days
Aged for over 5 years in French oak barrels .
Each year a small part of the wine is changed "the classic system of solera".
The temperature and low humidity contrasts accelerate the oxidation process.
Finally, the oldest wine is filtered and bottled.

 Aged for over 5 years in french oak barrels.

  • Alcohol: 16.5% vol
  • Residual Sugar: <0.2 g/L
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